Isis and Osiris


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  • 导演: Fabrice Luang-Vija
  • 类型:动画
  • 地区: 法国
  • 片长: 未知
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Isis and Osiris剧情内容介绍

《Isis and Osiris》在线观看和下载

Isis and Osiris剧情内容介绍

Isis and Osiris

In Egyptian mythological times, the gods Osiris and **** reign over the land. They fell in love at birth, sharing an eternal love. They are extremely benevolent to their people. Egypt is prosperous, with fertile natural surroundings and plentiful harvests.  Seth, Osiris’ brother, is a jealous god, who reigns over the desert. During a feast, he slaughters Osiris, hides his body i...

发布于2023年。由Fabrice Luang-Vija执导,


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